Our History

Founded in 1922, Northfield Group emerged as an engineering and trading leader. Through strategic amalgamation, it now thrives in sustainable practices, pioneering innovation, and global impact.

Our History

Founded in 1922, Northfield Group emerged as an engineering and trading leader. Through strategic amalgamation, it now thrives in sustainable practices, pioneering innovation, and global impact

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The history of Northfield Group is rooted in a rich legacy of pioneering spirit and engineering excellence.

 It all began in 1922 when Brigadier Walter Edmond Smith, MC & Bar, ED, a visionary industrialist, established WE Smith Marine & General Engineer in Sydney, Australia. This engineering company laid the foundation for what would eventually evolve into the Northfield Group.

Over the years, Northfield Group expanded its horizons, embracing growth opportunities and forging strategic partnerships. In a landmark move, Northfield Global Limited, PT Hydro Indonesia, Hydrosing Pte Limited, and the renowned Australian engineering conglomerate KPL Group came together, amalgamating their expertise and resources to form the modern-day Northfield Group.

Today, Northfield Group stands as a testament to the vision and determination of its founders. From its humble beginnings in Sydney to its amalgamation with esteemed companies, Northfield Group has achieved remarkable success over its history. Guided by the pioneer spirit that has defined its journey, Northfield Group remains at the forefront of industry advancements, poised to shape a brighter and more sustainable future.


Brigadier Walter Edmond Smith, MC & Bar, ED founded engineering firm W.E. SMITH MARINE AND GENERAL ENGINEER in 1922, the company was the precursor of  NORTHFIELD GROUP


W.E. SMITH changed its name to W.E. SMITH ENGINEERING and started building equipment for the Bonnerong Power Station in Sydney, becoming the largest manufacturer of boilers in Australia


W.E. SMITH started supplying piping, crushers, washers and other equipment to  Mount Lyell Mining and other mining companies in the Pacific, South America and South-East Asia


W.E. Smith participates in British Empire's war effort in the Pacific, maintaining and repairing vessels for the Australian Royal Navy at Cockatoo Island Repair Yard


W.E. Smith Engineering keep growing internationally supplying processing equipment as far afield as to Saudi Arabia, Peru and West Africa, becoming Australia's largest engineering company 


W.E. Smith moves its main fabrication yard to a 23 acres plant located in Coffs Harbour. The yard was lauded as one of the most modern and efficient in the world by Engineering Digest  USA 


The Mundim Frères found TELCON TÉLÉCOMMUNICATIONS ET INFORMATIQUE SRL in France and started trading telecommunications and Oil&Gas equipment in South America and Africa.


Carlos Mundim  opens TELCON TELECOMMUNICATIONS (PTY) LTD supplying public phones and trunking equipment to Telcos in Southern African countries and SCADA systems to E&P oil companies


TELCON moves into trading, procuring fuel from the Caribbean and North America and supplying government and private companies and mines across West and Southern Africa


NORTHFIELD GLOBAL LTD was incorporated as a commodity company in Singapore focusing on marketing petroleum products and LPG across South-East Asia


NORTHFIELD  started trading spot cargoes of LNG and condensate from South-East Asia to clients in Europe and East Asia and distributing urea and ammonia to African countries


NORTHFIELD's control is acquired by the Mundim & Van Niekerk Investment Fund and the company is amalgamated with TELCON GROUP PTY LTD, PT HYDRO INDONESIA and HYDROSING PTE LTD.


NORTHFIELD acquires KPL Australia, the holding for W.E. SMITH and HEAT EXCHANGE AUSTRALIA and  PT HEAT EXCHANGE INDONESIA making a move into the engineering sector


NORTHFIELD sells its engineering assets and acquires Swiss trading MY TERRA SA to house its  LNG and base metal business. TWOGEES LTD is incorporated as an agricultural origination and trading focusing on the South American, African and South-East Asian markets


NORTHFIELD and the PUSAKA CAPITAL signed an MoU to create ZEBU CATTLE SDN BHD, the largest integrated cattle farming project in Asia, envisioning the processing of 3,000 cattle a day from its plant in Sarawak, Malaysia

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