About Us

At Northfield Group, our journey is rooted in upholding best practices, respecting human rights, and maintaining high standards of corporate governance, all underpinned by our commitment to fair trade principles

About Us

At Northfield Group, we are unwavering in our commitment to upholding best practices, fair trade principles, protecting human rights, and maintaining strong corporate governance standards.

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Our History

Northfield Group’s origin intertwines with the paths of Northfield Global Limited, PT Hydro Indonesia, Hydrosing Pte Limited, and the revered Australian engineering giant, KPL Group. Tracing back to 1922, industrialist Brigadier Walter Edmond Smith, MC & Bar, ED, founded the pioneering Australian engineering company, WE Smith Marine & General Engineer. His vision set the cornerstone for what would eventually unfold as the Northfield Group.

Today, we continue to honor our pioneering spirit, directing our efforts towards sustainable and fair trading practices, and leading the energy transition. Our extensive expertise fuels our pursuit of growth and innovation.

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Our Commitment

Dedicated to sustainability & responsible practices, Northfield Group leads the way in driving greener, ethical transformation. Committed to a brighter future for all through sustainable initiatives. Ethical, sustainable, and inclusive business practices. Making a positive impact on the environment & communities.

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“Our purpose extends beyond generating profits; it’s about making a positive, enduring impact on our stakeholders, communities, and the world at large”

Carlos Mundim, CEO  

Leading the Energy Transition Responsibly

At Northfield, we’re not just a global commodity trader, we are advocates of the energy transition towards net-zero solutions. We responsibly unite energy markets, prioritizing safety, integrity, and environmental stewardship. With our expertise in trading, asset investments, and financing options, we are empowering our customers to navigate the evolving energy landscape.

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Implement Hydrogen Fuels for a Sustainable Future

Hydrogen stands as a renewable and emission-free energy source, paving the way for decarbonization across industries. By actively participating in the hydrogen market, we advocate sustainable energy solutions and spur the adoption of this clean fuel.

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Our Value Chain

We are proactive in evolving our Value Chain to respond to changing markets and seize new opportunities in the market transition.

At Northfield Group, our Value Chain is designed around our commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. From sourcing to delivery, every stage is executed with precision and responsibility. We source globally, while respecting local communities and the environment. Our trading activities are transparent, and our customer relationships are built on trust and reliability.

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